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My children are singing
 the history of God's people!

Yours can too!

Music makes memorization fun and effortless. Kingdom Songs will help you and your children learn the major events and personalities from the Biblical books of I and II Samuel, I and II Kings, and I and II Chronicles. The songs are singable, appealing, and Biblically accurate, with many phrases taken directly from Scripture. Listen, sing along, and grow in your understanding and appreciation of God's hand on history and His dealings with His covenant people! The Kingdom Songs CD is 45 minutes long and comes with a 48-page booklet which includes complete lyrics, Biblical references, study questions, reproducible maps, puzzles, and coloring pages, and tips for using the songs with your children.

Download an example of one of the coloring pages (PDF file, 1.4 mb)
Download an example of the study notes for one song (PDF file, 72 kb)

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List of Songs
(click the titles of the first two songs to hear selections):

God is Your King (anointing of Saul)

To Obey(Saul's disobedience)

The Lord Looketh on the Heart (David is anointed)

The Life of David

Psalm 55

David’s Prayer


Reheboam (division of the Kingdom)

The List of Kings

The Lord, He is God! (Elijah on Mt. Carmel)




The List of Kings (reprise)

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